Custom sample boards are created to help clients visualize their project

A harmonious balance

The expert consultation services of Lenore Winters Studio help individuals, designers and architects achieve a harmonious balance of finishes in their interiors. Working directly with you from concept to completion ensures that each project's aesthetic aligns with your vision.

Room Consultation
The transformation of a specific room can breath new life into your space, whether at home or in the office. Lenore Winters Studio's expertise and knowledge guide you through the process of identifying an appropriate central theme for your room. By selecting the right mixture of finishing techniques, harmonious environments are created from your original concept. From a baby nursery with a Beatrix Potter theme to a spa inspired by the garden art of Pompeii, Lenore Winters Studio can convert any space into a dramatic visual experience.

Whole Home Consultation
A finishing project can range from a complete home alteration, such as with the revival of historic properties, or carrying a particular theme throughout a living space. Lenore Winters Studio works with you to establish a clear direction for the space based on your ideas or the intentions of the original architect. In-depth research aids in identifying appropriate colors, patterns, furniture pieces and their finishes in order to ensure that the end result surpasses your expectations.

Color Consultation
Lenore Winters Studio possesses years of experience assisting clients in the color palette selection process. With an expert eye for detail and an innate understanding of how colors behave together, they can select the ideal color relationships for your finishing project. Matching existing color, texture or pattern is crucial to the success of a project. The LWS team will make certain that the addition of new elements integrates well with your existing environment.

Murals, Custom, & Commercial Projects
Dealing with focal spaces, murals, consistent furniture finishes, or similarly demanding custom projects requires a team with the expertise and knowledge to carry large-scale projects through from beginning to end. Lenore Winters Studio has over 20 years of experience staying on-time and within budget. We identify important time and cost considerations and propose appropriate design options for each project.